Knee Arthroscopy | Celebration Orthopaedics

During arthroscopy, your surgeon gently inserts a small tube called an arthroscope into your knee. A camera attached to this tube shows the inside of your knee on a TV screen. This helps your surgeon view problems with the knee. In many cases, repairs to the knee may also be done using the arthroscope. Surgery done through an arthroscope may heal faster and have less scarring than open surgery.

How quickly you heal after arthroscopy depends in part on your age, the kind of knee injury you have, and how well your knee responds to treatment. It also depends on how well you care for your knee and follow your healthcare provider's instructions.

Together, your healthcare team and you will set goals for your recovery. These goals can be tailored to your needs. Short-term goals may include walking without crutches or getting back to work. A long-term goal will likely be to regain full use of your knee.

Your surgeon may prescribe physical therapy. This can help relieve pain, increase range of motion, and improve strength. Your physical therapist will design a program for you based on your knee problem and recovery goals.

Your physical therapist can help you set goals and work toward them. A successful recovery depends on you. Follow instructions and keep your appointments.