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A regional resource for joint replacement, trauma, orthopedics, sports medicine & spine care

Thirty years ago an orthopedic surgeon would treat all types of joint problems. With new technology and treatment advances specific to different joints and bones, that's changed dramatically.

Orthopedics has become specialized with orthopedic surgeons now having advanced "fellowship training" in a specific body part and proficiency in the most advanced minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgical techniques.

The orthopedic specialists at Celebration Orthopaedics treat patients from across Central Florida at its Orlando-area office. This includes caring for orthopedic trauma, fractures and all types of joint pain. For example, the Orlando orthopedic surgeons do hip replacement, knee replacement, shoulder replacement, foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, wrist surgery, elbow surgery, and rotator cuff surgery.

Mini hip replacement surgery is also provided. Many patients are able to have their surgeries in an ambulatory surgery center so they are home later the same day to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Treatment of back and neck pain, along with scoliosis, is provided through the multi-disciplinary spine center Spine Group Orlando which receives complex spine problems from across Florida and Mexico. Spine Group Orlando provides non-surgical and surgical treatment of back and neck pain and scoliosis.


  • Fellowship-trained Orthopedic Surgeons
  • Physical Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • X-ray and Imaging Review
  • Physical Therapy

Work-related injuries require special care

The orthopedic team also recognizes the complex issues related to caring for on-the-job injury. Treatment of the work-related injury is compressed and accelerated. The employer and case manager are informed of the treatment plan and when the worker may safely return to the workplace.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in four on-the-job injuries relate to back or neck injury with 5% of the cases accounting for 75% of the costs.

Celebration Orthopaedics recognizes the complex requirements of caring for on-the-job injury. Diagnosis and treatment of the work-related injury needs to be compressed and accelerated so the person can return to work when recovered. The employer and case manager need to know the treatment plan and if and when the worker may return to work.

Consequently, Celebration Orthopaedics works closely with the injured worker, the employer, the insurance adjuster and the case manager to provide a quick appointment, accurate diagnosis of the injury, the most likely causation, and the most appropriate treatment for the employee.

Doctor Dr. Jose Amundaray Joint Replacement
Adult Reconstruction
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Doctor Dr. Joshua Britt Podiatric Medicine
Foot & Ankle Surgery
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Doctor Maahir, Haque, MD Spine Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
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Doctor Dr. Brad Homan Joint Replacement
Sports Medicine
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Doctor Dr. Matthew Johnston Joint Replacement
Sports Medicine
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Doctor Dr. David Lalli Joint Replacement
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Doctor Dr. Douglas McDonald Concussion Management
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Doctor Dr. Joseph Robinson Upper Extremity
Hand Surgery
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Doctor Dr. Matthew Willey Interventional Spine
Sports Medicine
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Celebration Orthopaedics is based in Celebration, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. Patients come to the orthopedic and sports medicine center from across the Orlando region, and Central Florida, for the following issues:

  • second opinion for knee pain
  • second opinion for knee surgery
  • second opinion for hip pain
  • second opinion for hip surgery
  • second opinion for foot surgery
  • second opinion for shoulder surgery
  • hip replacement surgery & mini hip replacement surgery
  • knee replacement surgery
  • Shoulder replacement surgery
  • Reverse shoulder replacement
  • Carpal tunnel surgery
  • Bunion surgery

Celebration Orthopedics includes board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons and a podiatrist who specializes in foot pain and foot and ankle surgery. The Orlando orthopedic group includes surgeons who specialize in hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement surgery. Through this educational web site you can learn:

  • Home remedies for hip pain
  • Home remedies for shoulder pain
  • Home remedies for knee pain
  • nonsurgical treatment options for hip pain
  • nonsurgical treatment options for shoulder pain
  • nonsurgical treatment options for knee pain
  • nonsurgical treatment options for foot pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain symptoms
  • Sports medicine and injured athletes
  • what causes hand and wrist problems
  • when to consider joint replacement
  • when to see a doctor for joint pain
  • treatment options for tennis elbow
  • treatment options for ACL tears

Celebration Orthopaedics is based in the Orlando, Florida area and provides treatment for hip pain; knee pain; shoulder pain; foot pain; joint pain; hand pain & carpal tunnel; broken bones; orthopedic problems; sports medicine; and spine problems to patients from Orlando and Central Florida. The group includes Spine Group Orlando, a multi-disciplinary spine center, and an accredited Celebration Surgery Center that enables patients to be home later the same day after their surgery.