Prescriptions | Celebration Orthopaedics

Prescription Policy

All Celebration Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Institute providers (physician and physician assistant) participate in electronic prescribing directly to your local and mail order pharmacies. Our goal is to assist patients with prescription requests an efficient manner. In order to process your request as quickly as possible, please see the details of our prescription policy.

Maintaining current pharmacy information is the responsibility of the patient. Please confirm with our practice that your correct local pharmacy address and phone number or mail order pharmacy information is on file.

Prescription refills require close monitoring by your physician and physician assistant to ensure the safe continuation of the appropriate dose, frequency and term of that medication. In the event that you require an emergency refill, prescriptions refill requests should be electronically submitted from the pharmacy directly to the office. If approved by your provider, an appropriate refill will be submitted to your local pharmacy.

If your prescription refill is not approved, please contact your provider's office to schedule an appointment. In this case call the nurses line, clearly stating their name, birth dates, phone number and name of medication.

Please allow 48-72 hours to process prescription requests. Medications requiring pre-authorization may require additional time to process. Please plan ahead for refills during holidays and when traveling.