Ortho Symptoms | Celebration Orthopaedics


Celebration Orthopaedics is based in Celebration, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. Patients come to the orthopedic and sports medicine center from across Central Florida for the following issues:

  • second opinion for knee pain
  • second opinion for knee surgery
  • second opinion for hip pain
  • second opinion for hip surgery
  • second opinion for foot surgery
  • second opinion for shoulder surgery
  • non-surgical treatment for hip pain
  • assessment by sports medicine doctors and specialists
  • assessment by specialists in knee pain treatment
  • nonsurgical treatment for knee pain
  • nonsurgical treatment for shoulder pain
  • nonsurgical treatment for hip pain

The orthopedic group has hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder replacement surgeons. Through this educational web site you can learn:

  • Home remedies for hip pain
  • Home remedies for shoulder pain
  • Home remedies for knee pain